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Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

A free, fully maintained solar PV system which allows your business to purchase the generated electricity up to 50% cheaper than your current energy supplier.

A free, fully maintained solar PV system which allows your business to purchase the generated electricity up to 50% cheaper than your current energy supplier.

There is now no reason any projects cannot progress from a financial or funding perspective.

Fully Funded or PPA

Another option that is available is a fully funded or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), in this arrangement the system is installed at no cost to our client, no finance agreement, no deposit and no loan.

Your premises or roof effectively becomes a micro-generation facility whereby you allow your roof to be used to generate electricity from Solar PV in exchange for cheaper daytime electricity. At the end of a 20 year term, the ownership of the system is transferred to you and you can enjoy free power for the remaining lifetime of the system. This is likely to be around 15 - 20 years.

This model is particularly attractive for businesses, schools, colleges and public sector organisations. As the electricity generator you get to use all the electricity for a reduced rate while the funding company receives the Feed-in-Tariff or RHI . At the end the of the 20 year agreement, the system is yours leaving you to continue benefiting from the free electricity it generates.

We can also show you how loans will cover the cost of the installation and equipment with Funding. This way you are able to get your system installed with no initial outlay of capital. The repayments for the loan are subsequently made using the earnings from the incentives and Export Tariff payments. Once the loan has been completely repaid all further incentive and Export Tariff payments are left for you.




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For more information on solar pv or any other Enviko services or products please call Enviko on (England & Wales) +44 (0)20 8611 2741 or by email.

Or see our case studies on how we have helped local businesses turn unused roof space or land into revenue generating assets. Click here.

As part of the UK’s government Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) we are accredited installers have an impressive portfolio of solar PV systems throughout the UK, helping each of our clients reduce their carbon footprint whilst also tackling the problems of rising energy costs.


Enviko offer tailor made finance solutions that make sense

Purchase outright, lease or fully funded or under a PPA, Enviko have the experience and knowledge to ensure your project has the right funding that makes sense for your business.

The price of commercial solar PVs has fallen over recent years, so we can offer even more attractive finance packages to our commercial & corporate clients. For more information on any of our finance and funding options please contact us.

The financial logic becomes obvious when you consider that returns on these systems can be as high as 15% and the obvious fact that traditional energy prices have risen far faster than inflation.

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