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Incentives and Finance

The Conservative government is committed to making a significant reduction to carbon emissions and to achieve this they are encouraging widespread adoption of solar energy by industry, commerce and the private sector

Feed-in tariff

The benefits of Solar PV include the Governments Feed in Tariff where you will get paid to generate your own electricity and the possibility of receiving payments for up to 20 years, this is linked to inflation and is also tax free!

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The renewable heat incentive (RHI) is the world’s first long term financial support programme for renewable heat. The government launched the RHI in November 2011 and provides payments to industry, businesses and public sector organisations.

At the moment the RHI is only available for commercial customers but domestic users can apply for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment or RHPP which includes a one off grant of £2,000, for example, towards the cost of a biomass boiler.

From spring 2014 the Renewable Heat Incentive will be extended to domestic users even if they have already signed up to the RHPP.


The commercial RHI will remain open until 2020 and new users will receive payments for a 20 years. Users will remain accredited to a certain level of tariff once they are assigned to it, the tariffs are index linked for the full 20 years.

The Domestic RHI scheme will also remain open until 2010 but the payments will be higher, the scheme will run for 7 years.


Commercial users of any of the eligible technology (see table below) which is delivered by hot water and it at a qualifying scale, can claim the RHI tariff. For biomass, all scales are eligible. If two or more domestic properties are heated by a singular boiler, this is classed as a commercial district heat network, and the owner of the boiler will be able to claim RHI payments.

This heat load should be an existing or new heating requirement, not created purely to receive the RHI.

The heat must be supplied to meet an economically justifiable heating requirement.
Acceptable uses for heat are space, water and process heating where the heat is used in enclosed structures.

Boilers under 45kW have to be registered with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme
Only new equipment will qualify.

Ongoing maintenance criteria must be adhered to, we will ensure you are fully aware of the specific details.

Biomass boilers must meet specific air quality requirements (Enviko supplied boilers already do).

Tariff Levels

The tariff table below shows the tariffs that will be applicable for all technologies from 1st of January 2014 and we will publish the next quarterly tariff table by 15 April 2014.

Small Commercial Biomass Solid Biomass including solid Biomass in municipal solid waste (Including CHP)VariableLarge Less than 200kWth 8.6 (tier 1)
2.2 (tier 2)
Medium Commercial Biomass 200 kWth and above; less than 1,000 kWth 5.0 (tier 1)
2.1 (tier 2)
Large Commercial Biomass 1,000 kWth and above 1.0
Small Commercial Heat pumps Ground Source Heap Pumps; Water Source Heat Pumps; deep geothermal 100 kWth and above Less than 100 kwth 4.8
Large commercial heat pumps 100 kWth and above 3.5
All solar collectors Solar Thermal Collectors Less than 200 kWth and above 9.2
Biomethane and biogas combustion Biomethane injection and biogas combustion, except from landfill gas Biomethane all scales, biogas, combustion, except from landfill gas


There are many different incentives and finance offers available to help you purchase and pay back your renewable product, an introduction to each can be found below.



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The financial logic becomes obvious when you consider that returns on these systems can be as high as 15% and the obvious fact that traditional energy prices have risen far faster than inflation

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