Gain an Income for your business through adopting renewable energy sources

Renewable energy consulting services offering advice on all aspects of funding, designing and installing the following:

By assisting with the adoption of the government’s Feed-in Tariff and RHI Renewable Heat Incentive Enviko are able to provide a fully comprehensive service to help commercial developers reduce carbon emissions.Solar solutions for businesses across the UK

By combining these incentives with our advanced alternative technologies we can help commercial businesses gain a competitive edge, whilst others are exposed to the rising costs of traditional energy sources, we can reduce your reliance and help protect your business.

Enviko offers a full turnkey service, firstly we undertake a site assessment and economic evaluation to demonstrate to you the economic returns you could make by undertaking one of our renewable energy projects. We then provide comprehensive details on the installation process and how our relationship would work.

Highly Experienced energy team

Our vastly experienced team of leading solar and engineering teams can offer a wide range of performance guaranteed solar technologies and we have close partnerships with a host of the worlds leading suppliers.

As with our work in the agricultural sector, we have assisted companies the breadth of the country with the generation of their own on site electricity and we have delivered some of the UK’s biggest and most high profile projects, each project is custom made to meet clients specific needs.

We work closely with our clients

We work closely with you and provide complete planning guidance, technical design, installation and project support. We strive to meet planning and corporate responsibility targets.

One example of our many commercial projects is when the Enviko engineering team completed assessment and installation of 160 mono crystalline CSUN 250W panels which create up to 40 Kwp at the Seven Acres Business Park in Suffolk, we completed installation in a three week period. We delivered on our promise to install the panels to the clients strict requirements before the feed in tariff deadline in 2012, we reduced C02 emissions by 18 tonnes and contributed to a yearly saving of £8,079.